St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute

Invite a speaker

It is possible to invite ACOT staff members fr Michael Bakker and fr Joan Lena to speak on a subject in the field of Orthodox theology in your parish or in another setting. These lectures will be based on material from the pre-master course Orthodox Theology at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, set up by ACOT. Possible subjects for the lectures are for example the Orthodox view of man (‘mensbeeld’) and Orthodox liturgy. The lectures may be held either in Dutch or in English.

The other staff members, Fr. John Behr and Fr. Andrew Louth may also appear as speakers, in the periods they are in The Netherlands. Their lectures will be held in English.

If you’re interested in inviting a speaker, please let us know by using this form.

The St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute

The St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute is the successor of ACOT (Amsterdam Centre for Orthodox Theology), providing educational programmes at an academic level and courses and lectures for those interested in Orthodoxy.