St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute

Ecclesial Authority

The Orthodoxe Zendende Instantie (OZI) was established as the official Orthodox body responsible for the endorsement of Orthodox chaplains in The Netherlands on 16 December 2018. OZI also acts as ecclesial authority for St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute. OZI was founded by the (Eastern) Orthodox Church in the Netherlands (OKIN) and the association of Oriental Orthodox Churches (SOKIN). The governing board of OZI consists of the chairmen of OKIN and SOKIN, respectively Metropolitan Athenagoras and Bishop Arseny. OZI represents the approximately quarter of a million Orthodox in the Netherlands of both the Eastern Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox church families at a governmental level. In practice this means the Ministries of Justice and Security, of Defence and of Education. OZI also will act as coordinating body for Orthodox chaplains employed by hospitals and similar private institutions.

The official website for OZI is (in Dutch) 

The St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute

The St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute is the successor of ACOT (Amsterdam Centre for Orthodox Theology), providing educational programmes at an academic level and courses and lectures for those interested in Orthodoxy.