Minors Orthodox Christianity

The Minors Orthodox Christianity provide an introduction to Orthodox academic theology. These programmes are open to students enrolled in any bachelor programme at a Dutch university and to students enrolled in a Dutch HBO bachelor programme. The only requirement for admission is basic knowledge of the Bible. You will probably need permission from your bachelor programme to include the Minor in your studies. As of the academic year 2021-2022 the following Minor programmes will be offered:

Minor 1 (30 ECTS): equals the first year of the Pre-Master programme.

Minor 2 (15 ECTS): Orthodox History I, Orthodox Scripture and another course from the first year of the Pre-Master.

During the academic year 2020-2021 a cohort of students is following the Minor and Pre-Master programmes Orthodox Christianity through the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Enrolment has closed. Below you find information about the Minor programme in the future.

The programme is offered in the innovative ‘blended learning’ format, combining online learning and physical meetings at the ‘intensives’. At the end of both semesters, during a two-day intensive, students present their papers on two different subjects in a so-called ‘flipped classroom’. Following the intensive, students have a few more weeks in which to complete the course. The intensives will be held in an Orthodox monastery in the Netherlands. The teaching staff consists of: Fr John Behr, Fr Michael Bakker, Fr Joan Lena and guest lecturers.

Students are studying alongside Pre-Master students, whose programme coincides during the first year with the Minor programme.

If you are interested in the Minor programme Orthodox Christianity, please contact us through this form. You will be contacted and will receive information about the admission procedure.