St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute

St Irenaeus Orthodox Theological Institute


Study day on May 22

On Monday, the 22nd of May our students gathered at Radboud University in Nijmegen to



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We capitalise the word ‘Orthodox’ when referring to one of the main traditions within Christianity (Orthodox, Roman-catholic and Protestant), in order to distinguish between this meaning of the word and the adjective ‘orthodox’ which may refer to particular groups within Protestantism, Judaism or Islam. The adjective ‘orthodox’ is often associated with conservatism. Orthodox Christians regard themselves as traditional, but not necessarily as conservative.

"Eastern" traditions

Eastern Orthodoxy consists of several autocephalous (self-governing) churches.

"Oriental" traditions

The Oriental Orthodox family is comprised of the Ethiopian, Coptic, Armenian, Syrian, Indian and Eritrean Churches.

Orthodoxe Zendende Instantie

The Orthodoxe Zendende Instantie (OZI) was established as the official Orthodox body responsible for the endorsement of Orthodox chaplains in The Netherlands on 16 December 2018.